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Dental Website Builder - Benefits

Responsive Websites

Smartphone users are on-the-go, and have a lower attention span for websites. So your website needs to auto-detect that the visitor is on a smartphone and then show a responsive mobile website (which is optimized for the screen size/resolution). It is called “Responsive” because it responds to it’s environment.

Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, screen sizes and browsers that your site needs to work on, grows.

If a mobile user is not happy with your website, there is a 40% chance he/she will go visit a competitor.

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Treatment Videos

Benefits & Features

  • Over 200+ video sequences in the library.
  • Videos are now higher quality and larger (400x225).
  • iPad/iPhone detection and compatible videos (30-50% of website traffic).
  • Videos centrally hosted for faster download and saving you web space.
  • Video enhancements are automatically instant without waiting for website updates.

Call 020 7183 8388 or email us today.

Call 020 7183 8388 or email us today.


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The right domain name and email address for your practice

You've got a practice which you're passionate about and you're ready to bring it online. All you need now is a domain name that fits your dentistry and is memorable. We will provide you with a domain (the most effective for UK businesses wanting to rank on Google)

Along with this, we’ll set up an email address featuring the same domain name, helping to make your practice a memorable brand, as well as your practice instantly contactable.

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Dental Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The PracticeBox software has been designed to build search engine friendly websites and your editor offers facilities which will also help.

A search engine's main priority is to list sites that provide good and appropriate information to their visitors.

We'll help you set up Facebook and Twitter accounts and add links to them on your site.

Then we suggest you add your website address to your letterheads, patient leaflets, hand outs, email signature etc. Make people aware that you have a website and encourage them to visit it. Guidance is available on request.

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Google Analytics

Do you want to track how many visitors your practice website has? Do you want to know where they come from and what they do on your site? Google Analytics is a free service, that tracks and reports your website traffic.

Learn more about your dental practice website:

  • Number of visits, visitors, new visitors, and unique visitors.
  • Sources of traffic: Direct and Referral
  • Page viewings and where they go afterwards.
  • Visitor data: i.e. Geographic location, if they used a mobile device?
  • The data provided by Google Analytics will help you to identify your audience
    and how to convert them into patients.

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GDC Compliance

We help ensure that the following are featured on your site:

  • Date that the website was last updated (usually at the bottom of the page)
  • All team members must have a profile with a minimum of their full name and job title.
  • The following is required: Qualification title, qualifying year and awarding country, GDC numbers, standards and link to GDC website (with no inaccurate use of the words "specialist", "specialize", "speciality" etc).
  • The website must display the practice name, address, email and telephone.
  • The website must display the GDC contact info plus link to their site.
  • The website must display details of the practice's NHS Compliance
  • Patient anonymity on social media unless explicit consent for social media.
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Design Edit & Upload

Setting up your 30-day trial website will take you less than 15 minutes. Once you have completed the 3 simple stages you will have a website with pages and content, ready-to-go. You can then customise your website 24/7 adding content, pages and images, as and when you wish.

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Other optional freebies to make your life easy:

Kids Kingdom for Children, Automatically updated NHS Fee Guides for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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Page Options

Use as many or as few of our pre supplied pages or create your own custom pages and sub pages

Our Team
Our Services
Our Practice
NHS Fee Schedule
Private Fee Schedule
Practice Hours
New Patients
In An Emergency
Friends and Family Test
Practice Newsletter
Our Payment Plan
Practice Accreditation
Useful Links
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